The Ten Tenors

After an extended hiatus, TTT Think They Can is back and better than ever! We’ve already knocked over 3 challenges, and all in one day too!

The first day of the month was a busy one for the group - we all arrived in the wee hours of the morning in sunny Sydney with three important goals:

1. Compete on Ready Steady Cook

2. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

3. Rock the Helpmanns

First stop of the day was soundcheck at the Helpmanns Awards; not very exciting, but necessary nonetheless. It was also the debut soundcheck for our newbie Tenor Jared Newall! It was an auspicious beginning for the group - being Jared’s first tour and Stewart’s last, and we were all eager to kick it off. Now, before any of you ask, the reason you may catch a glimpse of alumni Tenor Luke Kennedy during the day’s festivities was due to the fact that poor Dion was taken down with a sudden case of chickenpox…for real…and so Luke would be stepping into his pointy-nosed shoes until Moles had been de-poxed.

First challenge was left up to me and Pauly, who raced down to Channel 10 studios, into hair and makeup, and onto the set of Ready Steady Cook for a battle to the death. In the red corner was me, beaming like a Masterchef groupie; in the green, Pauly G trying with no avail to psych me out with his Italian chef talk, using big words like prosciutto and balsamic vinegar… It was a great experience and since this blog will be up before the episode goes to air I will leave it to you to guess who the champion was…see if this photo gives anything away:

Next stop - The Sydney Harbour Bridge! We rendezvoused at the the base, hidden in The Rocks amongst the broken down remnants of terrace houses, cobbled streets and turn-of-the-century red brick brothels that dotted the harbour in the early 1900’s like little red votives. We suited up, took some pre-climb snaps (above) and under the guidance of our climb leader Sal, began the long Lord of the Rings style journey to its peak. It was fun to watch Jared and Pauly’s faces as they wrestled with their fear of heights. A part of them looked happy and fearless, the other part looked like it was trying to figure out the best way to survive should the bridge come crashing down at any moment. Too much time on their iPhones playing CliffDiving. But soon enough, helped along by a healthy dose of peer pressure, we were at the top!

Challenge 2, complete! By the time we’d climbed back down again my legs were like jelly, but there was no time to kick back and relax. We had only a couple of hours before we were due on the Helpmann red carpet, done up in our show finery and flanked by the cream of Australian live theatre. No pressure. We raced back to the hotel, grabbed a quick pre-show champs to combat any nerves and raced back down to the steps of the Opera house. Walking the red carpet was like running the obstacle course on Wipeout - dodging other performers, manoeuvring around paparazzi, flashing a quick pose or accepella grab and emerging, victorious, at the top of the stairs, a little worse for wear, a little dishevelled, in need of a light powder, but alive.

We weren’t scheduled to perform until 9.45 but, as every award show ever has proven, we didn’t grace the stage until well past 10.30 when we finally squeezed out what little energy was left in us and painted the Opera house red (metaphorically speaking) in our blood, sweat and tears Meatloaf style! Done and dusted! Off to the after party for a hard earned canape!

And thus concludes the first instalment of the new bigger and better TTT Think They Can! A fantastic and full day, lots of new adventures to add to the memory bank, and lots of fun had along the way. To borrow a phrase from Obama - YES WE CAN!

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