The Ten Tenors

Dear bloggers,

It has almost been a week since the official Australian release of our new album Double Platinum and it has been a whirlwind. As you can see from our tweets and pics, we have been circumnavigating the country promoting the album and the new show which we just returned from launching across the gap in NZ! 

While we were over there the album even reached #6 on the NZ mainstream charts, wedged in-between the beautiful Adele and Lady Gaga. I think the three of us would make a great musical ménage à trois! Perhaps we could work up a version of “Rolling in the Deep” or add another Lady Gaga accapella grab to our repertoire, like our 2010 version of “Alejandro”! What we’re REALLY excited about, however, is to debut Double Platinum to Australian audiences. You may have already caught a glimpse of our early morning Tenorising on The Morning Show.

The album has definitely been a labour of love for the group, recorded between our European and New Zealand tours earlier this year. Our main aim was to capture the electricity of the live shows without losing the intimacy of a studio recording. We put our heads down and decided on an eclectic mix of songs we knew already worked with the group; songs from the live show that had been tried and tested, but also took a chance on recording some new material - either songs that had been requested over the years or songs we felt would gain new resonance when we combined them with our sound.

I was most excited about recording Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” for the album, a song which, given the amount of times of I have sung it in the past 18 months, I was really looking forward to reinterpreting for the studio. The same goes for songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “The Show Must Go On” which took on a whole new life when we were given the gift of time and different takes and the precision that comes with that.

Every breath, every harmony, every extra vocal or idiosyncratic inflection has been sifted from at least another 10 albums’ worth of takes. What you’re left with is our most exciting release yet - a complete double album with a collection of contemporary and classical songs that point the way forward to an exciting future with the group! 



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