The Ten Tenors

The highlight of The McCallum Theatre’s 25th Anniversary Season thus far is, hands down, the incredible rock-opera concert put on by Australia’s favorite singing frat boys, The Ten Tenors, who nearly blew the roof off of the theatre last weekend with their "off the charts" vocals, irresistible charisma and uncontainable high energy. Back by popular demand - truly, because after their sold out run just eighteen months ago the McCallum’s management office was literally flooded with calls begging for a return engagement — the ten multi-talented vocalists had the audience on their feet over and over again, resulting in three encores.

I have seen the Three Tenors, The New York Tenors and a myriad of other tenor triplets over the years - but in this case, size really DOES matter and “Ten” truly outshine all who have come before. As individual vocalists, each and every one is a stand-out, but it is when they sing together that the magic truly happens. Their unisons are pitch perfect and their harmonies are nothing short of thrilling. They transition seamlessly from classical arias to pop and rock tunes and nothing disappoints along the way. Their vocal arrangements are unique and lush and fresh , and their frat boy antics are ever appealing. By intermission one wonders “is there anything they can’t sing?” and by the final encore the answer comes as a resounding “no”.

The lighting was stellar throughout and designer Shawn Gallan deserves a shout out for the best concert lighting I have seen at The McCallum all season. There was no director credited in the program and so I asked the boys after the show “who helmed the production? The answer is there is no official director - but most of the very simple but highly effective staging and boy-band choreography is credited to band-mate Kane Fletcher. Fletcher’s keen eye made full use of the multi-tiered platform set and both grounded the production and gave the singers tremendous freedom to “play” and their individual personalities to shine.

Musical highlights included an inspiring Ave Maria, a playful Elton John Medley and a tribute to the boy’s favorite rock band “Queen”. The arias were plentiful and each one better than the one before. The tenors have a gift for the “tongue in cheek” and expertly blended the quality, the comic and the kitsch. Their “Hallelujah” was nothing short of breathtaking. My personal favorite was “Waltzing Matilda” which, alone, was worth the price of admission. Also notable - Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” , “I Would Do Anything For Love” and encores “Close To You” and “Hey Jude”.

I would venture to say expectations were exceeded for the entire McCallum audience that evening and if the rousing cheers and applause were any indication, the Ten Tenors will be back for another command performance very soon. And, as far as I am concerned, it won’t be soon enough. Kudos again to Mitch Gershenfeld for his ever keen eye for programming for the McCallum and for continuing to bring “world class” to the desert stage!

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The Ten Tenors 12 Days of Christmas

Day 5: Ben Clark

The Ten Tenors 12 Days of Christmas

Day 4: Jared Newall 


The Ten Tenors 12 Days of Christmas

3rd Day: Keane Fletcher 


The Ten Tenors 12 Days of Christmas

2nd Day: Scott Muller


The Ten Tenors 12 Days of Christmas

1st Day: David Kidd


Dear Friends and Fans of The Ten Tenors,

We are extremely excited to announce the touring line up for 2013!

The 2013 world tour kicks off in Neiderhausen on the 24th of January. Some dates are already on sale in Europe, North America and Australia, please for more details. Still to be announced are dates in Korea, New Zealand and many more destinations.

Taking the stage in 2013 will be; Paul Gelsumini, Chad Hilligus, Sebastian Maclaine, Scott Muller, Jared Newall, Keane Fletcher, Thomas Birch, Ben Stephens, Ben Clark and new guy, Daniel Belle. Also making some special appearances will be David Kidd. NB: David will only be doing the first European leg at this stage so if David is a favourite of yours be sure not to miss him.

TTT are also pleased to announce the beginning of ‘The Ten Tenors Young Tenor Scholarship Program’. The first young tenor to be accepted in to the program is Jack Fowles, if you see Jack at a show, please say “Hi” and make him feel welcome. Further to this we will be bringing back the band next year, lead by Michael Manikus.

What you can expect in 2013:

We have done a lot of work on the stage set and light show! We will also be bringing you a lot of surprises with the repertoire, combining some very beautiful songs with some great party pieces.

Shawn Gallon will be back with us on the lights and Rupert Pletzer will be bringing the best sounding show you’ll ever hear!

There may also be the occasional “after party” performances, with TTTannouncing last minute unplugged jams at secret locations with the tenors and the band for those fans that just can’t get enough of The Ten Tenors. Watch out for tweets with TTT After Dark and make sure you get along. These shows are set to be highly exclusive and a lot of fun!

Stay tuned in January to win tickets to ‘TTT Tour Preview’ performances in Brisbane only.

We are so excited to be hitting the road again that we can hardly wait for the New Year!

All the best,

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since we checked in via Tumblr - we’ve been busy taking a little breather before we kick off our German tour over the festive season.

It hasn’t been all sleep-ins and cocktails by the pool though; we managed to squeeze in a couple of songs for the Perth TELETHON which is dedicated to raising funds to improve the lives of children and young people throughout Western Australia. An amazing cause, and one the Ten of us all support!

Check out a clip of our performance of “Bohemian Rhapsody” from the show at the top of this post!

We performed there way back in 2009 so it was great to be able to lend a musical hand again this year. It’s always a lot of fun and we get to rub shoulders with some talented Aussie celebs! This year TELETHON managed to raise a record $13.4 million!

Stay tuned for our German blog! Of course if you’re a dedicated Tenophile you will already know that we have a new Tenor coming onboard – Chad Hilligus. Go to the website to learn a little bit more about Chad, and stay tuned for an exciting first-week-of-tour blog from all of us on the road!



After an extended hiatus, TTT Think They Can is back and better than ever! We’ve already knocked over 3 challenges, and all in one day too!

The first day of the month was a busy one for the group - we all arrived in the wee hours of the morning in sunny Sydney with three important goals:

1. Compete on Ready Steady Cook

2. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

3. Rock the Helpmanns

First stop of the day was soundcheck at the Helpmanns Awards; not very exciting, but necessary nonetheless. It was also the debut soundcheck for our newbie Tenor Jared Newall! It was an auspicious beginning for the group - being Jared’s first tour and Stewart’s last, and we were all eager to kick it off. Now, before any of you ask, the reason you may catch a glimpse of alumni Tenor Luke Kennedy during the day’s festivities was due to the fact that poor Dion was taken down with a sudden case of chickenpox…for real…and so Luke would be stepping into his pointy-nosed shoes until Moles had been de-poxed.

First challenge was left up to me and Pauly, who raced down to Channel 10 studios, into hair and makeup, and onto the set of Ready Steady Cook for a battle to the death. In the red corner was me, beaming like a Masterchef groupie; in the green, Pauly G trying with no avail to psych me out with his Italian chef talk, using big words like prosciutto and balsamic vinegar… It was a great experience and since this blog will be up before the episode goes to air I will leave it to you to guess who the champion was…see if this photo gives anything away:

Next stop - The Sydney Harbour Bridge! We rendezvoused at the the base, hidden in The Rocks amongst the broken down remnants of terrace houses, cobbled streets and turn-of-the-century red brick brothels that dotted the harbour in the early 1900’s like little red votives. We suited up, took some pre-climb snaps (above) and under the guidance of our climb leader Sal, began the long Lord of the Rings style journey to its peak. It was fun to watch Jared and Pauly’s faces as they wrestled with their fear of heights. A part of them looked happy and fearless, the other part looked like it was trying to figure out the best way to survive should the bridge come crashing down at any moment. Too much time on their iPhones playing CliffDiving. But soon enough, helped along by a healthy dose of peer pressure, we were at the top!

Challenge 2, complete! By the time we’d climbed back down again my legs were like jelly, but there was no time to kick back and relax. We had only a couple of hours before we were due on the Helpmann red carpet, done up in our show finery and flanked by the cream of Australian live theatre. No pressure. We raced back to the hotel, grabbed a quick pre-show champs to combat any nerves and raced back down to the steps of the Opera house. Walking the red carpet was like running the obstacle course on Wipeout - dodging other performers, manoeuvring around paparazzi, flashing a quick pose or accepella grab and emerging, victorious, at the top of the stairs, a little worse for wear, a little dishevelled, in need of a light powder, but alive.

We weren’t scheduled to perform until 9.45 but, as every award show ever has proven, we didn’t grace the stage until well past 10.30 when we finally squeezed out what little energy was left in us and painted the Opera house red (metaphorically speaking) in our blood, sweat and tears Meatloaf style! Done and dusted! Off to the after party for a hard earned canape!

And thus concludes the first instalment of the new bigger and better TTT Think They Can! A fantastic and full day, lots of new adventures to add to the memory bank, and lots of fun had along the way. To borrow a phrase from Obama - YES WE CAN!

Send in any TTT Think They Can requests to

Til next time,


Ready Steady Cook airs weekdays at 2pm on CHANNEL 10

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Dear bloggers,

It has almost been a week since the official Australian release of our new album Double Platinum and it has been a whirlwind. As you can see from our tweets and pics, we have been circumnavigating the country promoting the album and the new show which we just returned from launching across the gap in NZ! 

While we were over there the album even reached #6 on the NZ mainstream charts, wedged in-between the beautiful Adele and Lady Gaga. I think the three of us would make a great musical ménage à trois! Perhaps we could work up a version of “Rolling in the Deep” or add another Lady Gaga accapella grab to our repertoire, like our 2010 version of “Alejandro”! What we’re REALLY excited about, however, is to debut Double Platinum to Australian audiences. You may have already caught a glimpse of our early morning Tenorising on The Morning Show.

The album has definitely been a labour of love for the group, recorded between our European and New Zealand tours earlier this year. Our main aim was to capture the electricity of the live shows without losing the intimacy of a studio recording. We put our heads down and decided on an eclectic mix of songs we knew already worked with the group; songs from the live show that had been tried and tested, but also took a chance on recording some new material - either songs that had been requested over the years or songs we felt would gain new resonance when we combined them with our sound.

I was most excited about recording Sarah McLachlan’s “Angel” for the album, a song which, given the amount of times of I have sung it in the past 18 months, I was really looking forward to reinterpreting for the studio. The same goes for songs like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “The Show Must Go On” which took on a whole new life when we were given the gift of time and different takes and the precision that comes with that.

Every breath, every harmony, every extra vocal or idiosyncratic inflection has been sifted from at least another 10 albums’ worth of takes. What you’re left with is our most exciting release yet - a complete double album with a collection of contemporary and classical songs that point the way forward to an exciting future with the group! 



To get your copy from iTunes click here -

Or you can order online from JB Hi-Fi @

Don’t forget to stay in touch with adventures during our Australian “Double Platinum” tour, and keep checking Twitter and the blog for exciting giveaways!