The Ten Tenors

Hey folks. Baby Spice, Jordan here :P. 

I’ve reached the big 21 and am currently waiting for the maturity and wisdom of adulthood to arrive?? Maybe it got lost in the mail.

I had the most fantastic day in New Zealand; it started off with the boys all rocking up to my hotel room singing Happy Birthday when the clock ticked past midnight into the 26th. It was a lovely surprise, especially the surprise from Flashy who wasn’t wearing any pants! On the actual day, Keane and I went for a champagne breakfast at a café that clearly wasn’t used to people asking for alcohol with their poached eggs at 9:30am, and then we travelled from Hamilton to Tauranga. My Mum had organised for my hotel room to be filled with helium balloons as a surprise upon my arrival. How sweet right??… But all I could think was “Helium… Party later… Lets sing songs with silly chipmunk voices”. (More to come on that ;) )


I couldn’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing than singing on my 21st so I was very excited to be doing a show that night. During sound check I found myself covered in streamers from party poppers and salivating at the lovely cakes the guys had for me. Stewy got me out during one of his links and had the audience and the boys all sing Happy Birthday to me and I must say… it’s quite a nice song when you hear it sung in key and not by drunk relatives! :P


One of the best gifts I received was hearing that 2 people walked out of our show that night because they thought it was too expensive for a “mimed” show! WAHOOO what a nice compliment! … Just so you all know…we don’t mime a thing. We are working our butts off which is why you usually see us with a beer/wine after the show…. Ah speaking of which… (this is a 21st blog after all) here comes the messy part of the night!

I always knew it was going to be a fun night, the boys are like my 9 older brothers, but when Tom, Benny and Pauly gave me a bottle of Absinthe and Chocolate vodka, along with Keane’s 60 Jell-O Vodka shots, I was suddenly expecting it to reach a whole other level. So we did a few communal shots and headed to the tour bus for the trip back to our hotel.


Ahhh…now it was back to the hotel where the helium balloons were a-waiting. A medley of high-pitched Jersey Boys, Nessun Dorma, Annie and Old Man River filled the hotel bar as we played rounds of Pool, Cards and Trivia Quizzes. Nothing got out of hand… except maybe the Jell-O shots that took a while to digest… and then when they finally hit me… it was time for bed!

I know we like to think we are rock stars sometimes… but thankfully I don’t think we were banned from this hotel. I had one of the best nights of my life and couldn’t think of any better company. The photos say a thousands words and if I can find some dignified video footage of some helium singing you’ll see that we all had a great time. Thankfully there was no show the next day, but a lovely BBQ hosted by our NZ promoter.

What a weekend!

Love Jordan xx

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